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Giving Thyme to your life

My philosophy is to ensure you indulge in high-quality, organic ingredients and perfected meals, all while avoiding the hassle of grocery shopping or after-cooking cleanup. My meal plans provide the flavors and nourishment you and your loved ones crave, and give you the time you need. Customized plans are built around your personal life style. Your Thyme matters, let me help you in making the most of it.

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Order and Delivery Hours

Serving most of the Bay Area

Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 4pm
Sun: 10am-4pm


Click on the "chat with the chef" tab

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Fremont, CA

(248) 494 0328



"As parents who are working and schooling from home in these pandemic times, there is just too much stress and too little time for self-care.  Alyssa's meals have filled that need.  Her cooking is simply delicious, somehow both indulgent and healthy.  She offers a refreshingly creative variety of flavors and dishes.  I would recommend her crafted meals for anyone who loves good, nourishing food and who could use a big helping of joy at the dinner table." 


                          -Camille Roberts


"As a busy, working mom of two, I don't have a lot of time for cooking, but I've struggled to find a meal delivery service that can accommodate our family's dietary restrictions, while still providing delicious, nutritious, interesting meals. Alyssa was just what we needed. Her food is quite simply amazing - we're so excited to get the week's meals that we usually end up tasting everything on the first day! Her dishes are innovative and creative, yet comforting and accessible to our entire family (even our picky 4 year old). With the 30 Meal Deal, we have enough food for 4-5 dinners for our family of 4 and 4-5 breakfast and lunches for me and my husband, which has been especially helpful now that we're working from home. We only need to shop for coffee and milk these days because Alyssa takes care of the rest.  


As someone who has tried multiple meal delivery services (methodology, freshly, trifecta) and several other personal chefs, I can say that Alyssa's culinary skills, organization, and efficiency are head and shoulders above the competition."

                       - Megan Burke

"I have celiac disease, so it's very important to me to know that all of my meals are gluten free and prepared by a professional that knows how to protect against cross-contamination. Alyssa has been the perfect find.  Not only can I be certain that all of her food will be safely prepared, but she also finds a way to make vegetarian, gluten free, meals taste delicious. We've been thrilled with her food, and working with Alyssa could not be easier. Her services have given us back hours of our time and made weekday dinners a breeze for our family. I can highly recommend her services."


                        - John Kevlin

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